About us

Built on strong values and principles

Many companies offer financial solutions.
What sets INAIA apart from other providers?

A FinTech with a moral compass

We are Germany’s first Islamic FinTech company. As a pioneer in Islamic finance, we offer carefully crafted savings and investment products based on the economic and ethical principles of Islamic jurisprudence. Our innovative offerings in wealth building and investment are aimed at all those who wish to achieve their financial goals in line with socially sustainable values.

Our Values


We align with our customers’ demands and develop new solutions exactly where needed.


We understand our customers’ needs and fulfill them day by day. We live the same mentality and spirit.

Ethical and sustainable

We consistently live ethical values, creating sustainable value for the community.

Innovative and dynamic

We are young, dynamic, and innovative. With new ideas, growing expertise, and ongoing developments, we are always up to date.

For all people

We do not differentiate based on religion, skin color, or origin. There is no exclusion in Islamic finance. Every person is welcome.

Transparency and trust

We stand for trust through transparency in all our activities and relationships, and our ethical principles are the basis of our business.

What is Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance is not an invention from the Orient or a parallel financial world that exists alongside the local one. Rather, it describes sustainable financial services based on principles and prohibitions from Islamic religious doctrine.

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Sustainability and Environmental Protection at INAIA

The topic of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) in companies is gaining increasing importance. At INAIA, sustainability and environmental protection are central concerns. Discover the measures we are taking to ensure that your investments with us are not only profitable but also ethically justifiable.

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Our Vision and Mission

INAIA enables all people to achieve their financial goals and desires in line with their ethical values. We work daily on the development of ethically certified and demand-oriented solutions, which we offer in a customer-centric ecosystem.

Board Members

Customer satisfaction is our top priority

Our dedicated team is passionate about providing top-notch service and high-quality products. Our customers appreciate this, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews. See for yourself the quality of our services by signing up here. Sign up here