INAIA Savings Plan

Build wealth every month

Why not prepare today for tomorrow? Whether it’s for retirement, for your children, or to realize medium to long-term plans - with an INAIA savings plan, you can gradually build an impressive fortune piece by piece.

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The INAIA savings plan simply explained

This is how it works

Step 1

Amount and Duration

You specify an amount that you want to invest monthly. Choose an appropriate duration based on your savings goal.

Step 2

Purchase and Storage

We regularly purchase gold or silver on your behalf and take care of secure storage for you.

Step 3

End of Contract

At the end of the period, you have the choice: have your gold assets paid out in cash or delivered to your home upon request.

Calculate Savings Plan

Savings Amount

*) The numbers in the example calculation are for illustrative purposes only and are not indicative of future performance.

Cost-Average Effect

Taking small steps towards success: Especially customers who regularly purchase gold for a fixed amount benefit from the so-called Cost-Average Effect when gold prices fluctuate. Let’s say you buy gold worth 100 euros every month: If the price of gold per gram, for example, drops from 50 to 25 euros, then you acquire 4 grams instead of 2 grams. Through monthly purchases, you achieve a lower average price over the entire term. Especially in times when the price of gold falls, you buy more gold, which then becomes significantly more valuable in times of appreciation or brings in more profit when sold. Additionally, the Cost-Average Effect reduces the risk of price fluctuations at the end of the savings period significantly for longer terms.

Your advantages at INAIA

First-class customer service

We are here for you! We are personally available to assist you with all questions regarding your wealth building.
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Shari’ah compliant

Verified and certified by Minhaj Shari’ah Financial Advisory in Dubai (UAE) according to the Islamic Finance criteria of AAOIFI.
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Green Gold

Sustainability and climate protection: Our INAIA Gold Dinar bars are now made from "Green Gold" and come from responsible sources.
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Purity and conflict-free

The LBMA Good-Delivery status guarantees the safe origin of our fine gold bars and the highest purity of 999.9.

Online Depot and Mobile App

Keep track of your wealth with the INAIA app or online in your web browser.
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Secure storage

We store your gold in highly secure vaults in Germany and Switzerland for a fixed price of only €1 per month per account, regardless of the quantity stored.

Delivery anytime possible

Because your gold is physically present, we can also deliver it to your home upon request.

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