INAIA Gold Dinar Depot

The secure foundation for your future

With the INAIA Gold Dinar Depot you can simply and safely invest your money in pure physical gold (999.9/1000, LBMA-certified) without interest. Open your account in a few minutes and invest in the world’s oldest form of asset preservation – inflation-proof and crisis-resistant.

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Your advantages at INAIA

First-class customer service

We are here for you! We are personally available to assist you with all questions regarding your wealth building.
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Shari’ah compliant

Verified and certified by Minhaj Shari’ah Financial Advisory in Dubai (UAE) according to the Islamic Finance criteria of AAOIFI.
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Green Gold

Sustainability and climate protection: Our INAIA Gold Dinar bars are now made from "Green Gold" and come from responsible sources.
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Purity and conflict-free

The LBMA Good-Delivery status guarantees the safe origin of our fine gold bars and the highest purity of 999.9.

Online Depot and Mobile App

Keep track of your wealth with the INAIA app or online in your web browser.
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Secure storage

We store your gold in highly secure vaults in Germany and Switzerland for a fixed price of only €1 per month per account, regardless of the quantity stored.

Delivery anytime possible

Because your gold is physically present, we can also deliver it to your home upon request.

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Open your account in a few minutes and invest in the world’s oldest asset class.

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Krisenresistent und inflationssicher

Gold as an Investment – resistant to crises and inflation-proof

Gold is especially suitable for protecting your wealth from currency devaluation and generating attractive profits through appreciation.

Historical data show that the long-term solid performance of gold allows for optimal wealth building. While we cannot predict how the price of gold will evolve in the coming years, one thing is certain:

1 kg of gold remains 1 kg of gold even after every crisis!


Gold has always been highly sought after

Throughout human history, no precious metal has moved the world as much as gold, whether as jewelry, currency, or a means of preserving value.

But gold is also gaining importance as an industrial raw material. Gold is needed for the production of products in industries such as automotive, semiconductor, electronics, chemical, and medical. Consequently, the future prospects for gold are extremely positive.

High demand is further driven by defaults of weaker Eurozone countries and unstable bonds and currencies.

Distribution of gold ownership worldwide

Goldwürfel vs. Eifelturm

All the gold in the world – just a small cube

Imagine how precious gold really is: All the gold ever mined in the world would fit into a cube with sides of only about 22 meters. For comparison, the Eiffel Tower reaches a height of 329 meters.

According to experts, the currently known and economically recoverable gold reserves are expected to be depleted in about a decade. Therefore, investors should make decisions promptly.

Gold price development of the last 15 years

Why you should invest in gold

Stability in times of crisis, portfolio diversification, tax advantages - gold is a versatile solution for long-term goals, financial security, and secure retirement planning.
Crises resistant and inflation-proof
Oldest asset class in the world
Diversification of investment portfolio
To achieve medium to long-term goals
Financial security for children
Ideal for retirement planning
Asset cushion for difficult times

You have to choose between trusting to the natural stability of gold and the natural stability of the honesty and intelligence of the members of the Government. And, with due respect for these gentlemen, I advise you, as long as the Capitalist system lasts, to vote for gold.

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