Saving for children

Wealth accumulation without interest

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Whether it's for a car, education, or a down payment on a property, capital-intensive investments for children are something every family will face sooner or later. Starting early with a solid financial plan for your children means fewer worries later. The INAIA Gold Dinar® Child Savings Plan is designed to build an attractive, Sharia-compliant savings plan for your loved ones. The Islamic economic principle is clear: Yes to profits, but no to interest!

Unlike conventional savings plans, the return on the INAIA Gold Dinar® Child Savings Plan is not based on interest but entirely on the development of gold prices. Your child's monthly savings amounts are invested in gold—gram by gram, month by month. It is not interest that increases the savings, but the appreciation of the precious metal. Thus, it not only fulfills the Sharia-compliant foundation but also provides an inflation-proof and crisis-resistant alternative to conventional savings products. Gold has a solid performance and is excellent for long-term wealth accumulation. Long-term goals, such as buying a car for the 18th birthday or paying for expensive studies, can be optimally achieved with a gold investment. How?

  • Forecasts predict an upward trend for the precious metal in the future. As the demand for gold increases worldwide and there is only a limited amount of the metal on Earth, it proves to be a sustainable investment.
  • Gold's crisis resistance is particularly evident in its property as an inflation-proof asset. That means gold remains gold after every crisis! Those who want to effectively and future-oriented plan for their child's future invest in a value-stable form of investment.

Those who start an INAIA Child Savings Plan today can expect a reasonable increase in wealth according to forecasts. This example from the Said family shows how starting a child savings plan 20 years ago would have paid off today:

On June 9, 2000, the Said family started an INAIA Gold Dinar Child Savings Plan for their daughter, Maryam, aiming to remove all financial hurdles from her educational path. After 20 years and with a monthly savings amount of 100 euros, Maryam now has capital of 60,718.78 euros. Compared to their total deposit of 24,000 euros, it is clear that the depot value has more than doubled by the end of the period. See the gold calculator.

The Said family invested money for their children without interest, thus upholding their core values and moral beliefs. Additionally, the family benefited from a solid and crisis-resistant investment in gold and is pleased with the returns.

Advantages of the INAIA Gold Dinar® Child Savings Plan for the Said family:

  • The so-called cost-average effect allows profitable use of falling gold prices. Regular monthly payments spread the purchase price risk of gold, with a high chance of benefiting from a favorable average price and higher returns.
  • The family has access to their physical gold at any time, not just after a fixed period.
  • The Said family can make one-time payments or withdraw partial amounts at any time.
  • The online depot and mobile app allow the Said family to have a free, anytime overview of their savings depot and to monitor ongoing transactions.

The following summary highlights the unique features of the INAIA Gold Dinar® Child Savings Plan:

  • The INAIA Gold Dinar® Child Savings Plan is an interest-free savings program and a Sharia-compliant certified investment form.
  • Gold is crisis and inflation-resistant and has a solid value development.
  • The fact that gold cannot be synthetically produced and thus not inflationary makes it a scarce resource. The increasing demand contributes to a positive value development of the gold price.
  • The INAIA Gold Dinar® Child Savings Plan can be flexibly managed and controlled by the saver. The free online tools provide quick access to one's gold reserve.

We thus conclude: Halal and profitable are not mutually exclusive! With the INAIA Gold Dinar Child Savings Plan, it is simple, understandable, and interest-free to plan for the future - a historically proven and value-stable investment.